Embodied Presence and Living in a New Reality

What is Embodied Presence? How can you become more aware of this Presence within yourself to help you to remain calm, centered, and peaceful amid life's challenges?

These are some of the questions I have asked myself for many years which I have after years of mediation practice and study, finally begun to truly understand and embody for myself

For the past two months, I have been in the process of releasing how I have distracted myself from paying attention to my essential nature, the stillness of being.  I have been going deeper into this exploration of my True Self, allowing everything I have identified with to drop away. 

 This included the story of me or the personal self, my successes and failures, especially regarding my career choices.  As well as how I saw myself being in the world and all of the roles I have played and am still playing, identifying with, and seeing myself as. 

 It included letting go of all the ways I was judging myself, comparing myself, and in general finding fault with,  the personal self, and the constant healing of that self and all of her baggage.

It was during this process of letting go of the false identification of "myself" and the deeper awakening to my True Nature that my awareness expanded and my vibration shifted along with my perspective.  

This shift came to me one morning during my meditation when I suddenly realized that I no longer needed to try to be "spiritually awake" because I was already that and more.  The shift was only something that I knew had occurred within myself.  I suddenly felt that I had already arrived at the place I needed to be and I just had to start living from the place of Embodied Presence.  I no longer needed to do anything to get there all that was required was to be there and live it.   

I am sharing this with you so that you have a guide map in case you too have been experiencing a sense of loss of your old identity as the old world continues to fall apart shifting its identity.  Especially during these past few months the old ways of perceiving ourselves and the world has been dissolving whether we have been ready for it or not. 

What is required of each of us is to also let go of the old ways in which we have been seeing ourselves or identifying ourselves.  To flow more with what is taking place in the outer world, we too must let go of the old ways we have perceived ourselves, our relationships, and the world and begin to embrace a new way of being as the New Earth emerges.

This process of dying to the old person you have been and being reborn without attaching yourself to another role, idea, or belief about yourself takes a true commitment to your process of awakening.

Living as Embodied Presence

When we live as Embodied Presence we offer a healing presence to everyone we connect with. To live as Presence is to be in alignment with the quantum field of pure consciousness, pure potential, and possibility. 

 Living as Embodied Presence:

  •  Is to allow life to flow through you. Letting go moment to moment of any need to identify yourself with another role or an idea of who you think you are or how you should be. 
  • It is to notice, watch and be the witness of whatever comes up for you, then gracefully choose not to follow the thoughts that take you away from focusing on the stillness that you are, which is never changing always present at your True Self.
  • It is to trust life which is to say you go beyond trusting people, places, and things. You feel and believe in your heart that the power that lives through you and is everywhere knows the way and all you need to do is to cultivate relaxed alertness. You are connected to your body and its aliveness.
  •  Living as Embodied Presence allows you to respond from the intelligence that is your essential nature and to let that be the guide for your life. The mind will continue to chatter, your emotions will rise and fall, but all you need to do is not be distracted by following those feelings or thoughts and return back to the silence that lives within you that never leaves or fades.

Some of the Things You Can Do to Live as Embodied Presence:

Cultivating Embodied Presence requires noticing your thoughts, your reactivity, any resistance to what is, and learning how to relax and let go and accept the way it is for that moment.  Then from that place, you can begin to take action as you are feeling guided.  

Learning how to meditate is one way you can develop your awareness and witness or observer so that you can begin to notice your thoughts, emotions, and your reactivity to what life may throw at you. 

Remember that your True Nature, the ever-present stillness that is you, pure consciousness, is always there if you are willing to put your attention on it rather than on the distractions of the world and your life.  Overtime when your attention is on the ever-present silence within, you will begin to unwind more and more and relax from the inside out thus emanating this healing vibration to everyone and everything.

 For me, living from Embodied Presence is a moment-to-moment experience. It isn't something that I can plan to do or try to do.  It is only something that I can do right now. I can learn how to slow down, listen to my inner voice, connect with the stillness of being and begin to be the observer of my own life. 

I can stop and just be in the present moment, notice whatever is going on in my environment, and really see it. I can allow myself to stop whatever I am doing and be still and attune myself to the stillness that is our Essential Nature.  

The quantum field is everywhere. We live in it and it lives in us. We can never really escape it. the only thing we can learn to do is to let go of the distractions of the world that constantly pull us away from our innermost being. 

We can learn how to witness our thoughts, feelings, reactions, and know that we are not our story, or those feelings, thoughts, or the roles we play in life.  None of these things define who we are.  

When you are willing to step out of the narrative of what you tell yourself about your own life and even about the world, then a space will open up for you in which you can begin to know that still calm presence that is you. I invite you to take the time to stop and get to know yourself in a new way and to begin to live in a new reality.

If you are interested in learning more about meditation, developing presence, and/or desire to have a spiritual guide, counselor and teacher to help you with your spiritual practice please contact me at soulmentorcoach@gmail.com. You can also go to my website for more information on my akashic counseling sessions. http://heartandsoulmentor.wixsite.com/akashiccounseling



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