Creating a New World

I recently began to re-read a book that truly changed my life view of how our world has gotten to where we are today. That book is The Chalice and the Blade, by Riane Eisler.  I first read this book back in the 80's when it first came out. Yes, I was one of those women who was just beginning to discover the Goddess.  This book had taken work done buy Maria Gimbutus one of the first women archeologists of her day to actually prove that there was a Goddess culture in many societies before they were taken over by what Riane calls, the nomadic hordes or the Kurgans. 
Partnership SocietiesI am telling you about this book because I feel that it is important for us to know why we got here. At least to understand the roots of why our world was turned upside down. For thousands of years, there were cultures that existed that Riane calls partnership societies.  Women and men lived in harmony together, and art, science, medicine, music, as well as agriculture, shipping and technology thrived.…

Become a Change Maker

In the current "Me Too" climate, change is in the air, but the question I wish to pose is what kind of change are we desiring to see? Are we really ready for the changes we are asking for and do we know what it will take to accomplish them? Raising the public awareness about sexual assault,  rape, sexual objectification of women and the consequences that women have had to face for centuries, as a result, is just the tip of the iceberg.  

To really affect a change we need to keep these issues at the forefront of everyone's mind and begin to actually implement some solutions. True lasting change has to come from a shift in consciousness first and from there taking action. 

I recently was listening to a radio show where a media specialist was commenting on the sudden shift in advertising since "Me Too" has taken off.  She said that on the surface it seems like sex sells, but in reality after testing overtly sexual ads and ads that are not, the ads that are using wom…

Creating a New Paradigm for Women's Sexuality

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to live in a world where women are honored and respected? A world where girls can run freely to play and express themselves and where sex is something that is natural and considered sacred regardless of how you choose to express it.

I have, many times, since my mission you might say is to help establish such a world or at least help to bring it forth. I have wondered what would it take to create this type of world and how we might go about it? Establishing a new paradigm is no easy task and it cannot be done by just wishing and hoping.  What it takes is a definite concrete plan of some sort which includes new ideas and new ways of thinking and being. 
So before I speak abotheyut what you can do to help us create this new paradigm,  I want to review where we are now in the culture that we are living in. For as we establish a new paradigm for women, men will change too.  I want us to take a look at what women, you and I perhaps, have been tol…

Self-Mastery as a Spiritual Path

Ever since I can remember I have desired to be a person who has achieved a state of self-mastery.  This idea of being a master has many interpretations. For some being a master conjures up images of Jesus walking on water, Sai Baba manifesting Vibuti in front of thousands, bi-locating and levitating oneself.
Mastery may also signify being excellent in one thing, a skill or art form. Webster defines it as, to command or has a superior grasp over something. A master has generally spent years in the study of one thing and has mastered that skill or subject.  I am sure you have known people who have been great artists or dancers, even actors. Some would say that Meryl Streep is a master actor, Steven Spielberg a master director and Misty Copeland a master ballet dancer. 
Self-Mastery is entirely something different for to become a master of one’s self-implies that the individual has to first know him or herself and then take command of all the different aspects that make them be human. T…

The Three Stages of Relationships

There are 3 stages of relating, according to David Deida an international teacher and author, dependence, 50/50 or intimate communion. In his book Intimate Communion, he defines these stages according to the polarity differences between men and women and what most attracts. Dependent Relationships In a Dependent Relationship what you may notice is that the couple often represents the extremes of what is considered masculine and feminine. He may look very macho and or his energy will be very masculine in a more stereotypic way. She may depict the extreme of what is considered feminine in a woman. Some images that come to mind are where the man throws the woman on the bed and takes her almost forcefully and she surrenders to his dominance. Partners may confuse some version of master/slave relationship with real love. She is the more passive of the two and often desires to feel vanquished. She might also desire to be seen as his property or his woman and her man. 
“A Dependence Rel…

Female Sexual Empowerment and the Art of Seduction

What makes a woman her most alluring? Is it her brains, beauty, wit, charm or sexual appeal? What are the elements that create female sexual empowerment?

Some might say that for a woman to be sexually empowered she must be experienced. Others might say she must know how to be charming and have great sexual charisma, but true female sexual empowerment includes all of this and more.

You may think that with the over usage of the word “sexy” these days, the prostitution of sex, and the rampant use of pornography as the new form of sex education, that female sexual empowerment is a given. But the message that is being blasted into the minds and hearts of teen girls and young adult women is not one of female sexual empowerment but rather one of enslavement.

The truth is that what makes a woman truly powerful is learning how to use her natural given gifts and talents. Those things that make her, you, the funniest, smartest or wittiest and to learn how to cultivate these talents and attributes w…

Understanding the Wounds of the Masculine and Opening Your Compassionate Heart

As a writer, I became interested in understanding the plight of men back in the nineties when Robert Bly, Sam Keen and other men who pioneered the Men’s Movement began to write and speak up.  I was curious and it fascinated me to read books like Fire in the Belly and Iron John.  It also helped me to begin to have a better feel for how men suffer in this culture.
I had already been studying the mythology of the goddess and women’s spirituality trying to piece together why everything has gone so wrong.  I began to do research and read many of the early women archaeologists and scholars like Maria Gimbutas, and Riane Eisler,  looking for answers as to what had happened to cause our culture to become so different from the way it had started out so many thousands of years ago. I remember after doing the research how upset I felt about these hordes of invaders who rode over the Russian Steppes and conquered whole civilizations that had been peaceful and prosperous for a millennium and which …